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Marketing for Healthcare and Insurance

In the world of marketing firms, there’s no shortage of options ready to take your money, promising expertise in CMS regulations and flaunting their history with plans, carriers, and healthcare providers. But when the moment comes to deliver tangible results, some might divert the conversation to algorithm updates or technical jargon that doesn’t quite add up to the promised outcomes.

That’s where Sun Lit Pro stands apart. As the dedicated marketing division of Sunshine Senior Services, we’re not spreading ourselves thin across every industry out there. Our focus is sharp and clear: we specialize in a specific niche within the insurance and healthcare sector. Our expertise isn’t just in generating leads; we excel in nurturing these leads, converting them into enrollments, and managing your brand with precision. Our approach is tailored to minimize churn, ensuring that every strategy is as effective as it is compliant with CMS standards.

We believe in a straightforward, results-driven approach, steering clear of unnecessary complexity. With Sun Lit Pro, you’re choosing a partner that understands the unique challenges and opportunities of the insurance and medical marketing landscape.

Why do you need an industry specific marketing professional?

Most plans and regional medical partners come equipped with a marketing director or even an entire team. But what they often lack is the time to implement a CRM that doesn’t just sit there gathering digital dust. They might not know how to craft a website that’s not only beautiful but also slices through the digital noise like a hot knife through butter. Measuring the impact of online ads? That often gets murky, with a focus on impressions that might as well be as fleeting as a shadow, rather than on solid customer acquisitions. You’ll hear a lot about “clicks,” but not enough about new enrollments – the stuff that actually pays the bills. Plus, these marketing folks have their team’s needs to attend to. They’re on the lookout for a marketing partner who not only talks the talk but walks the walk – on time, every time. They’re aiming to dazzle, to not just keep their job but to excel in it.

We get the picture. And that’s exactly what we’re here for. We’re not in the business of casting a wide net for clients we can’t genuinely assist. No, we’re more about cultivating a sterling reputation as the go-to marketing agency for insurance and medical professionals. We’re the team that makes you look like the marketing guru you always knew you were, without the headache of proving it every step of the way.

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What types of marketing works best for insurance and medical?

Does direct mail still find its way to the mailbox, or does it take a detour to the recycling bin? And billboards – do they catch your eye, or are you too busy avoiding potholes? Let’s not forget about broadcast television and cable. Oh, and OTT – not to be confused with OPP, though I’m sure you’re down with both. How’s radio tuning in? Are podcasts becoming your new best friends, or are busboards catching your gaze while you’re stuck in traffic? Indeed, every one of these is like a unique spoke on the marketing wheel.

Now, how’s your firm’s selfie game on Google? Is YouTube giving you the spotlight, or are you still waiting in the wings? And the socials – which platform is your brand’s best friend, and how’s your popularity contest going there? Speaking of rank, is your website playing hide and seek with SEO, and which flavor of SEO are you betting on? Counting reviews might be the new counting sheep, but what are people actually saying? And, perhaps the most crucial question, how do you stack up in the market’s eyes?

Navigating these questions needs more than just a magic 8-ball; it requires well-crafted strategies. You need a plan, and that’s where we shine. But let’s get one thing straight – we’re insurance folks who’ve ventured into creating our own marketing firm, specifically tailored for the insurance crowd. So, apologies to the roofers out there; we’re sticking to insuring, not fixing leaks.

Marketing Integration

Would you consider giving us the opportunity? Is it worth scheduling a meeting?

  • We want to handle your marketing.
  • We’re eager to build your website.
  • We aim to seamlessly integrate the website we build with the CRM we provide.
  • We aspire to be your call center.
  • We’re committed to growing your book.

What’s Your Marketing Plan for Us?

We don’t just onboard new clients willy-nilly. Winning is our middle name, and if you’re not a puzzle piece that fits perfectly into the grand scheme of things, we’ll respectfully pass. Our ethos is about experimentation, mixing and matching until we strike marketing gold. For those potential clients looking for us to concoct a bespoke marketing remedy, you might want to keep scrolling.

So, what’s the end game? Let’s pin that down with precision. How do we chalk up a win? Let’s talk metrics, timelines, budgets. Where have your efforts hit a wall, and where have you basked in the glow of victory? What’s that one thing that has you pulling your hair out? These are the heart-to-hearts we’re after. Because if your team is shying away from these real talks, we’ve already spotted the bottleneck.

We’re not the know-it-alls of the marketing world, but we do roll up our sleeves and get down to business. As insurance professionals first, with a treasure trove of experience spanning centuries collectively, we’ve got a keen eye for distinguishing the dead-end leads from the golden tickets to enrollment. And yes, we’ve navigated the whole spectrum in between.

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What’s Your CPA?

Your marketing mavens probably have their heads wrapped around your CPA, and no, we’re not talking about the person who frets over your taxes but your Cost Per Acquisition. Thrilled with that figure? Chances are, not so much. Like everyone else, you’re dreaming of dialing down those costs, fantasizing about freebies even. Mention a referral program, and you might get a chorus of “been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and it didn’t fit.” Suggest popping into medical or insurance offices in person, and you’ll hear “That’s so last century! Total time sink!” Yet, these are the same optimists funneling a Scrooge McDuck fortune into “clicks” that often end up leading nowhere, much like a treadmill – lots of motion, no destination.

In the insurance and medical arena, battling against a less-than-stellar plan is like trying to win a relay race with your shoelaces tied together – possible, but you’re going to look pretty silly doing it. We’ve all seen a plan or two we’d rather forget. So, why cast a net wide enough to catch boots and old tires when you can zero in on the folks who actually stand to benefit from what you’re offering? The right questions are like breadcrumbs leading you home. If your plan isn’t sprouting wings and soaring, it’s probably more grounded than a teenager after a wild party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What marketing strategies do you recommend for my business?

At, our foremost strategy recommendation is swift lead follow-up. While it may seem straightforward, it’s undeniably the largest opportunity for success. In our fast-paced, distraction-filled world, it’s crucial to engage leads promptly when they’re handed to you. Our guidance is always to act on each lead as rapidly as possible, capturing their interest before distractions take hold. This strategy not only increases the chance of securing the business, but also enhances the customer experience by demonstrating your attentiveness and dedication to their needs.

How do you measure success in a marketing campaign?

Indeed, the answer is straightforward. The primary objective of your business is to generate profit. If your revenue is on the rise, it’s a safe bet that effective marketing has played a significant role in that success. While there are numerous metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide insight into various aspects of your marketing performance, the most definitive indicator of marketing success is tangible business growth. This is the end result that all our efforts aim to achieve.

How much does your service cost?

Welcome to Sunlit Pro, where we specialize in elevating businesses through expert lead generation, comprehensive marketing services, custom website design, advanced CRM systems, and dedicated call center support. Our services start at an accessible rate of $997 per month, following a transparent cost plus model to ensure you get the most value. This model covers our unparalleled services plus any expenses, offering flexibility to cater to your specific needs and budget. Let Sunlit Pro be your partner in growth, customizing our offerings to help your business shine. Reach out to us for a detailed plan tailored just for you.

Can you provide examples of successful campaigns for similar businesses?

While was established as a division only in July 2023, we’ve been applying the same methods and strategies we offer our clients to our own insurance agency, Sunshine Senior Services, with remarkable results. Over the past six years, we’ve consistently achieved annual growth rates of 20% to 40%. This success serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our lead generation and marketing strategies. As we continue to expand our client base, we look forward to sharing more success stories that highlight the value and impact of our services.